The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 |

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see from each unit at the Showcase...

Office of Transportation Studies
Multi-modal studies completed in FY ’10 and underway in FY ’11 are summarized in a poster display; and a “VISSIM” traffic operations simulation, being prepared by the group, will be running in the background. Hard copy samples of project deliverables are also available for inspection.

Smart Growth
The Smart Growth table will feature programs and services available to municipalities, including the Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia marketing program, Transportation and Community Development Initiative grants, Take Me to the River grants, and recent Municipal Implementation Tool brochures on food system planning and freight planning. Smart Growth’s work on other area studies, such as corridor plans and traffic calming, will also be highlighted.

Transportation Operations
An on-going role for DVRPC is to assist our transportation operators to better manage and operate their systems. The
transportations Operations unit will be presenting an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Master Plan for the US 30 corridor in Chester County, a regional fiber optic communications network to share real-time travel and incident information among agencies, and the I-95 Delaware County Road Safety Operations Audit.

Energy and Climate Change Initiatives
DVRPC’s Office of Energy and Climate Change Initiatives will highlight tools and resources to support municipal energy
management, including a unique tool developed for the outdoor lighting sector. Also on display will be case studies highlighting cost-effective energy efficient building retrofit projects in the region.

Resource Center
Stop by the Resource Center to see all we have to offer!

Aviation Planning
The Office of Aviation will present an update on their NJDOT funded Airport Weather Observation Station (AWOS) Installation Program with life displays of various installed systems. As an annual favorite we will showcase our aircraft operations counting system for non-towered airports including live simulations, past reports and trends of General Aviation operations over the past 24 years. Last but not least we will display an update on a “third in a row” Airport Layout Plan (ALP) for Cross Keys Airport in New Jersey. Various other aviation reports of regional interest will also be on display.

Travel Monitoring
The Travel Monitoring Unit will be showcasing our counting equipment. This year, we will be featuring our newest Jamar Traffic Counter with Flash Drive data download and our Pedestrian Counter. The display board will show the results of our validation effort for the pedestrian counter.

Freight Planning
Freight operations and infrastructure are an intense and growing concern in the Delaware Valley. In the past year alone, a new regional food distribution center was completed, a doublestack rail project was initiated, and a new general cargo port terminal was readied. At this exhibit, learn about DVRPC's freight planning activities, how freight votes at DVRPC, and why freight is great!

Corridor Planning
A “Selected Circulation Improvements” poster demonstrates short and long-term alternatives for key intersections and roadway segments within the US 30 Corridor study area. The “Recommended Improvements” poster displays various enhancements to the safety and mobility of motorists and pedestrians at a critical intersection for the NJ 73 Corridor. Finally, participants are invited to “vote” for improvements they would consider the most appropriate for three differing roadway and land use contexts.

Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning
Our office showcase display highlights recent work on these three green modes of transportation. A poster highlights summaries and graphics for six recent or ongoing projects and programs: our ongoing passenger surveys for NJ TRANSIT, SEPTA, and PATCO; regional rail passenger origin mapping; Coordinated Human Services Transportation Planning (CHSTP); the Mercer County Future Bus Plan; our Shifting Gears regional bicycle planning and prioritization project; and "Boosting the Bus": a project that explores ways to improve the effectiveness of suburban bus service, with a focus on West Chester Pike. Finally, selections of recent reports of interest are available. Stop by and see that it's not easy being green - it requires lots of data!

Modeling and Analysis
The Office of Modeling and Analysis will describe the important activities performed over the past year including highway studies, transit studies, land use modeling, and new Web 2.0 derived network development. A computer simulation of bus operations on West Chester Pike will also be shown.

Transportation Safety and Congestion Management
The popular safety quiz will be available at our table again, along with Road Safety Audit (RSA) and Congestion Crash Site
Analysis Program (CCSAP) reports, folders from Regional Safety Task Force meetings, and recent transportation security planning materials. The regional Congestion Management Program’s latest newsletters and new CMP Report will be on display. For drama, read the proposals the Central Jersey Transportation Forum adopted to reorganize itself—no easy task!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
The GIS unit will display a time-series of aerial images of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex (from 1959-2010), showing how DVRPC’s aerial imagery can afford an interesting look at changes that have taken place over the years to areas within our region. We will also introduce ESRI’s new online mapping/presentation application, ArcGIS Explorer Online.

Web and Creative Services
The Office of Web and Creative Services will showcase (via PowerPoint and printed materials) a variety of products produced in support of the Planning Work Program in the past year.

Long-Range Planning & Economic Coordination
This display will cover the outreach that staff has been conducting to implement the Connections long range plan, the status update of the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, economic data bulletins, and air quality conformity and outreach programs.

Project Implementation
We will be displaying a slideshow of before-and-after pictures for a number of the TE projects that we have managed through to construction. We will also have a poster with several before-and-after shots of those projects as well.

Environmental Planning
The display will include Plans and Environmental Resource Inventories from our Municipal Planning Services program, along with a recently created Green Infrastructure Screening Tool, and illustrations from the innovative Greater Philadelphia Food System Plan. There will be a presentation of photographs from projects from a wide variety of locations in our region, including examples of corridor studies and other transportation planning projects incorporating environmental planning work. Other recent work to highlight includes Trails Planning, Green Infrastructure Planning, Linking Planning & NEPA, and the recently completed study “Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Southeastern Pennsylvania.”

Capital Programming
The Capital Programming unit will demonstrate the new video-log and other functionalities of the DVRPC TIP mapping website, display photographs of TIP funded transportation infrastructure projects from around the region, challenge you to a funding brain teaser, and provide you with a copy of our light-as-a-feather recently updated TIP Handbook!

Commuter Services
The Office of Commuter Services will be displaying information on the following efforts: The Share-A-Ride (SAR) program, the Mobility Alternatives Program (MAP), and the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program, as well as an overview of the LTAP program in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We will be demonstrating TransitChek’s online ordering platform, the TransitChek Select site, and unveiling the design for the proposed new Stored Value Card to be released in the spring of 2011.

Public Affairs
The Public Affairs Office will highlight publications, events, and new initiatives from the past and current fiscal years. The new DVRPC Twitter page will be on display and staff will be tweeting live from the event. Staff will highlight new public outreach initiatives such as the Environmental Justice workgroup and Regional Student Forum. In addition, news clippings highlighting DVRPC’s work will be available.