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1. LEARN about green jobs 
2. Register to offer or seekgreen jobs 
3. Attend Events (see below) to meet others offering and seeking green jobs. 
4. Join your skills with others’to create new businesses and organizations that feed, fuel, house, heal, teach or finance with less cost to public.

  WORKER-OWNED GREEN JOBS: How Cleveland does it. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson says: “In these tough economic times, our cities need not only good jobs, but ways for working people to build up their family assets and wealth. Why shouldn’t all of our citizens have access to meaningful jobs in workplaces where they can own a piece of the company and participate in the company’s direction?”Ohio Employee Ownership Center 

PENN FUTURE JOB BOARD 267,331 JOBS IN CENTER CITY DISTRICT (CCD) --almost 50% of all salaries earned within Philadelphia 

MANAYUNK TIMBER is “Philadelphia's only green sawmill” offers sustainable lumber for restoration, renovation, custom woodworking, and new construction. Keystone Edge article 

GOODBYE STARVING ARTIST, HELLO CREATIVE ECONOMY “The city's creative economy is vibrant and growing, employing almost 18,000 workers in fields from fine arts to graphic design. In fact, according to a 2008 study commissioned by the City's Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Philadelphia's creative sector is 70 percent stronger than the national benchmark.” 


ENERGY COOPERATIVE members can purchase 100 percent renewable fixed-rate electricity for 2011 for 9.78 cents/kWh or can choose 20 percent renewable EcoChoice20 for 9.28 cents/kWh, as compared with PECO’s regular residential rate of 9.92 cents/kWh. 





PROMETHEUS RADIO PROJECT of West Philly LEADS SUCCESSFUL NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR COMMUNITY RADIO STATIONS Low-power neighborhood radio will make it easier for neighbors to connect to help one another, enjoy one another and employ one another. 

PHILLY COMPANY ENABLES WIKILEAKS DONATIONS "While people may or may not agree with WikiLeaks, we at XIPWIRE believe that anyone who wishes to support the organization through a donation should be able to do so," they say on their site. While the publicity advantages are obvious, there's also the threat of backlash. One of the founders told the tech blog BaltTech, "We're fully aware that not everyone likes what Wikileaks is. But we are prepared to accept the consequences."
The Woman Behind the New Deal, by Kirstin Downey 
---During the Great Depression, when both capital and jobs evaporated, the federal government saved capitalism by saving labor. FDR’s New Deal revived the economy by establishing Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, public works, minimum wage, and ending child labor. 
---The New Deal’s principal architect was Frances Perkins, a social worker appointed Secretary of Labor by FDR. The inside story of Perkins’ political idealism is masterfully told. It teaches political courage to everyone with authority. 
---At the same time, Downey reminds that the federal government embraced Perkins’ agenda because an angry hungry public would accept nothing less. As the Philadelphia Declaration later said, “Poverty anywhere constitutes a danger to prosperity everywhere.”





PHILLY STAKE is a locally sourced, recurring dinner in which money is raised for creative & relevant community engaged projects. As a micro granting program, community members become creators. * A stake in the Philadelphia community * A stake in the arts and in creative thought * A stake in local organic food * A stake in local economy 

PHILADELPHIA VEGAN RESTAURANTEURS talk about the ethics and economics of running niche eateries.

   FARMER ON THE ROOF: Philadelphia Rooftop Farm (PROOF) seeks “farmers, builders, designers, organizers... doers! We need your ideas, your organizing abilities and your expertise.”  215-913-2679
FOOD AND ENERGY SYSTEMS CURRICULUM provides enough instruction for 6-9 weeks. Sample lessons: * Community Food Systems Map: Students map elements of the food systems, identifying local-global connections behind food production, processing, transportation, etc. * Energy Transfer in Food Chains: Through a simulation, learners experience the 10% energy transfer among tropic levels in a food chain. * Biography of Three Potatoes: Students compare and contrast the energy, resources, and wastes involved for three potatoes, each grown and processed in a different way. * Life Before Ketchup: Learners map the geographic origins of common foods to gain an overview of how trade has shaped food systems over time. To explore this more deeply, learners research and document significant events in “food history” such as Columbus’ voyage, the introduction of synthetic fertilizers, and the “green” revolution.” 

HEALTHY CORNER STORE INITIATIVE 1,000 stores in Philadelphia being trained to promote healthy food. 

PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL FOOD SYSTEM ACCESS PROJECT receives $50,000 grant “to work with community organizations and institutions to find the most efficient and culturally sensitive ways to get food into the hands of those who need it most. Many of these communities are considered ‘food deserts’ and it is in these places we will work to build community capacity to develop new models of food distribution. Our goal is to create a ‘whole systems’ approach to making farms more viable and communities more self reliant and food secure.” 


1/3-6 GREEN JOBS TRAINING PROGRAM 20-24 years age, Out of work and/or Out of school. Paid on-the-job training in landscaping and landscape design, Job readiness training and job search support Information sessions at PCAT, 2111 Eastburn Ave, 9am. “Be prepared to stay until 2pm for testing and interviews.” Bring driver’s license or state ID, Social Security card, Birth certificate, Proof of income (paystubs or welfare benefits letter), Résumé. Register: 215-527-5602. 

1/6 FARM TOGETHER NOW: A portrait of a new food movement: people, places and ideas for a new food movement with author Daniel Tucker, Wooden Shoe Books, 704 South St, 7-9pm 

1/8 RECYCLE CHRISTMAS TREES: City will not recycle Christmas trees left at the curb. They’ll go into landfills. Volunteers from EKNA, ORCA, and FNA will be joining NKCDC to chip trees. BEFORE - Drop off your trees anytime 

12/26-1/8 at Greensgrow Farms (2501 E. Cumberland Street) or NKCDC Garden Center (Frankford & Berks). On 1/8 Bring your tree to the chipper 9am-noon behind Port Richmond Plaza (Girard Ave at Richmond St). Noon–3pm (SW corner of Dauphin and Emerald). $5 suggested donation. Please remove tinsel and decorations. 1/18 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS NETWORK ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING Academy of Natural Sciences, 5:45 - 9:00pm 

1/26 PHILADELPHIA ORCHARD PROJECT (POP) WINTER FUNDRAISER! 6:30-8:30pm at Yard's Brewery 901 N. Delaware Ave. POP on NBC 

1/30 PHILLY STAKE “Philadelphians are invited to the First Uni to enjoy a seasonal, locally-sourced meal and vote for the project they deem most worthy of funding.” First Unitarian Church at 22nd & Chestnut St. 5-8pm. “The presenter garnering the most votes will leave with the dinner proceeds.” Tickets $10-$20 (sliding scale), cash only. 

2/1 GERMINATING PARTNERSHIPS: Connecting Seniors with Community Gardens, Noon – 2 p.m. City Hall’s Conversation Hall. RSVP by January 26. Limited to 60 people. Pizza will be served.