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on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 |
City of Philadelphia, Office of Public Programs, DIVISION OF TECHNOLOGY – 
Internship Opportunity

In the City’s Division of Technology, the Office of Public Programs acts as an external liaison for technology programs, coordinating and leading efforts to establish relationships and programmatic content with other City agencies, non-City organizations, and outside funders.  The Office is also responsible for developing, implementing, and promoting the City’s technology programs and policies. This internship will be primarily based in policy and research and will assist the Director of Public Programs.

·     Cultivating and establishing collaborative working relationships with non-City entities, including local universities, in an effort to leverage the combined assets of the City and other entities.
·     Creating strategies and materials for promoting and advancing the City’s technology programs and policies.
·     Identifying technology grant and funding opportunities and strengthening the grant-making function within the Division of Technology.
·     Managing the activities of existing awarded grant programs.
·     Developing and implementing programs as part of the Digital Philadelphia mission intended to enhance the average person’s use of technology, reduce the impact of income on technology access, and develop the creative sector of the Philadelphia economy through technology.

Skills and Qualifications:
·         Excellent written, organizational and interpersonal communications skills
·         A proactive style, self-motivated with little supervision, and skilled at motivating others
·         Basic computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
·         Ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously
·         Deadline-oriented and efficient when multi-tasking
·         Ability to work independently and as a member of a team
·         Creative, innovative approach to tasks

This position requires appx. 12-15 hours per week.

Unpaid, Students with Work Study grants preferred. Students also have the option to receive course credit.

To Apply
Forward a cover letter, resume, and writing sample (at least 2 pages, can be a recent college assignment) to: