The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

on Friday, January 28, 2011 |
Delaware County Planning Department
Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Intern/Graduate Intern - $8.50/$9.50 per hour or course credit
For Intern: graduation from high school plus enrollment in a college-level program in planning or a related field. 
For Graduate Intern: bachelors degree and enrollment in a graduate program in planning or a related field. 

Duties:Perform data collection, field surveys, research, and analysis on assigned projects. Assist project planners with preparation of recommendations and draft reports and with task force and public participation activities. Positions available in the following areas:

Community Assistance

  • field work, data collection and analysis, draft preparation, and meetings associated with municipal and multi-municipal comprehensive plans
  • assistance with development of municipal zoning ordinances and specialized reports and studies related to redevelopment and revitalization
  • general research and support on local municipal issues
County and Regional Planning
  • assistance in managing and reporting the five key tasks comprising the County’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program: installing solar panels, conducting an energy audit and improvements at the County’s prison, managing a grant program for municipalities, improving transportation energy efficiency by County employees, and creating an Energy Action Strategy and comprehensive plan element for the County
  • update of the County Resource Guide to ensure that information is current and includes new grants that have been created
  • Research and compose articles on general County or planning issues for inclusion in the Planning Department's newsletter
  • assistance in researching environmental topics to add to the County’s Green Pages website
  • assistance in researching, writing, and editing for the County’s Model Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and the Delaware County Comprehensive Plan
  • general assistance with ongoing projects including meeting attendance and minutes, research, or technical assistance
Environmental Planning
  • staff support for the preparation of educational materials and displays for the 2011 Riverfront Resource Environmental Event
  • assistance with data collection, fieldwork, and meetings associated with preparation of the County Open Space, Recreation, and Greenway Plan
  • assistance with technical support for adoption of the Crum Creek Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan Model Ordinance
  • assistance with data collection, field work, and meetings associated with preparation of the Rivers Conservation Plan for the Delaware Direct watersheds
  • staff support for miscellaneous duties involving sewage facilities planning module reviews, subdivision and land development reviews, response to public inquiries, and stormwater management planning activities
Historic Preservation Planning
  • research, field work, and documentation for the African-American Research Initiative study to be used by municipalities and the County
  • assistance with municipal requests for a Determination of Eligibility (DOE) for the National Register
  • help prepare municipal historic resource survey information for a GIS application
  • assistance with updating a database comprised of state information with information in DCPD’s files
  • assist in a draft Delaware County Preservation Plan
  • assess the County’s homeless shelter facilities regarding their historic resource potential, maintenance, and capital improvement plans, as well as energy audits 
Transportation Planning
  • field work, route studies, bus and rail ridership counts, and analysis for the various SEPTA operational routes and capital projects in the County
  • assistance with management of the transportation component of the Delaware County Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
  • assistance with operation of the SEPTA kiosk in the County Government Center Building
  • assistance in revising, data collection, and updating for the Delaware County Bicycle Plan; addition of information, data collection, and taking pictures of bridges for the Access-based bridge database; research and requests for proposals for trail development projects in the County
  • measure lane and shoulder widths on newly resurfaced roads as well as select other roadways in an effort to improve bicycle friendliness
  • assist with administrative tasks for the construction of the Chester Creek Trail including reviewing invoices and maintaining status reports
  • general assistance on other issues as they arise as well as meeting attendance for various projects
NOTE:  preference is given to County residents
Forward cover letters and resumes to:
Doris K. Cusano
Delaware County Planning Department
Court House/Government Center
201 W. Front Street
Media, PA 19063

Phone:  (610) 891-5202
    FAX:  (610) 891-5203
In order to avoid delays in the selection and candidate approval process, if you are invited to discuss your qualifications in person, it would be helpful to complete an Application for Employment prior to your scheduled appointment and have it available when you arrive.