The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 |
GREEN JOBS PHILLY INTERNSHIPS There's a lot of work to do, to help move Philadelphia greenward. We're networking and news reporting-- finding the neighbors, skills, tools, teachers, raw materials, buildings, land and credits that are the basis for green jobs, green businesses, green industries, green organizations and green finance. These resources are published to enable Philadelphians easily to find green jobs, green grants and green loans. We meet people at festivals, parks, events, garage sales, churches. We search the web, flyers, kiosks. We’re even starting new organizations that reduce the costs of living, create energy efficiencies, energy alternatives, urban agriculture, and make this city great again.

---Green Jobs Philly News assumes several things:
1) Philadelphia is full of beautiful children who deserve a city as beautiful as they.
2) Poverty is a lack of networks more than a lack of dollars. 3) Fuel costs and shortages will change this city entirely.
3) Powerful solutions to city problems begin within neighborhoods.
---As a self-starting intern you’ll learn about grassroots organizing and community economics, urban environmentalism, and online media. While this internship is unpaid, we’ll provide certificates according to your skill development.