The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

on Monday, December 5, 2011 |

TITLE:  Aging and Disability Resource Center Link Network – County Coordinator

DEFINITION:  Under the supervision of the Helpline Director


Education:                ·        Bachelors or Associates degree preferred

Experience:           ·        5+ years experience within Aging, Disability or related field. 
 ·        Knowledge of services available in specified County

Qualifications also include proven written communication experience, word processing and other computer skills, excellence in interpersonal relations, self-starter, confidence in public speaking and proven initiative/creativity.

Personal Characteristics:
            ●       Well organized with high energy level.
            ●       Well developed communication and interpersonal skills.
            ●       Ability to quickly acquire needed knowledge and manages a high volume of clientele and _________paperwork with attention to productivity.
            ●       High level of flexibility.

Additional Requirements:
            ●       Valid driver's license, good driving record and access to a fully insured car. 
            ●       Drug testing.
            ●       Criminal history clearance.
            ●       Second language abilities preferred. 
       Some travel required 
       Write at a level sufficient to compose reports and complete forms.
       Operate office equipment.
       Effectively communicate orally and in writing to consumers and service providers.
       Communicate and negotiate with a variety individuals.
       Ability to organize groups and conduct presentations.
       Read at a level sufficient to comprehend reports, forms, professional literature, regulations, data, etc.
       Use math skills at a level sufficient to develop requested reports as needed.
       Interpret goals, standards and regulations and monitor activities for compliance.
       Represent the ADRC to staff and to the public in a professional manner.
       Demonstrate extensive computer and internet skills.
       Conduct activities and services at all facilities and in the community as necessary.

1.         Ensure the establishment of the LINK Network among the agencies involved in the project.
2.         Coordinate the Collaborative group to meet on a regular basis for on-going program evaluation and revisions.
3.         Foster and maintain regular communication between partner agencies and outreach to agencies of interest to the collaborative efforts.
4.         Create and maintain list serve of interested or supportive agencies/individuals.
5.         Assist with the design system to track all referrals.
6.         Complete monthly progress reports (collect data) - outreach activities and # participants.
7.         Provide Link information to organizations throughout the county (i.e., Civic Organizations, Church Organizations, etc.).
8.         Produce marketing materials to the targeted population (Aging & persons with disabilities).
9.         Develop marketing opportunities to educate the public in general and the targeted population in particular about the services available for the targeted population.
10.     Coordinate and set up cross trainings for the community and agencies.
11.     Develop and maintain a service resource directory and computer link to the County Link Network to be used as an Information & Referral tool for the Participating Partners as well as other organizations that work with the targeted population.
12.     Maintain open communication and participate in routine follow up with Link Regional Staff, OLTL Project Manager and others as needed.
13.     Complete monthly financial updates in addition to quarterly and final expenditure reports
14.     Continually strive for collaborative partners to streamline the intake, screening, and eligibility determination process for services.

       Disabled individuals over the age of 18.
       Older persons and families.
       Agencies and institutions.
       General public.

Contract Position
Salary: $16,134.56
Work Week:  Approx. 15 hours a week.
            Schedule:  flexible hours as duties indicate

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