The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

on Thursday, March 28, 2013 |

Senior Hunger Outreach Coordinator:
This VISTA project aims to improve citywide planning and coordination around senior hunger in Philadelphia, with a focus on connecting seniors to resources and building capacity in underserved neighborhoods to address the unique challenges that seniors face around food security, such as mobility. The VISTA will (1) utilize the City's Senior Hunger Task Force to guide a strategic planning process to inform the long-term citywide goals to address senior hunger; (2) improve information sharing and conduct trainings to connect seniors to existing resources; and (3) grow the capacity of neighborhood-based resources to meet senior hunger needs.

Immigrant Outreach Coordinator:

Immigrants are among the most likely individuals in Philadelphia to be eligible for SNAP and other benefits but not enrolled. This year we trained providers to initiate SNAP enrollment for the clients they serve.  Over the next year, a VISTA would (1) continue outreach to immigrant services organizations to train them on initiating SNAP enrollment; and (2) convene a task force to develop and execute a plan to increase the completion rate of SNAP applications among the immigrant population, including an assessment of current obstacles. Candidates who are fluent in a second language are strongly encouraged to apply.
Please send resumes and cover letters to: Julie Zaebst, or 1725 Fairmount Ave., Unit 102, Philadelphia, PA 19130