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January 07, 2014
Mickleton, NJ
General Description:  Cecil Creek is a new family farm in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  2014 will be our first season growing on our land.  We will have a CSA, on-farm market, a small layer flock, a few pigs, and several beehives.  We are pursuing organic certification, and believe that healthy food starts with healthy soils and ends with healthy communities.

Internship Starts: April 1, 2014
Internship Ends: November 26, 2014

Skills Desired: Prior experience working on this type of farm is desired, but what really counts are a positive attitude, strong work ethic, desire to learn sustainable agriculture, ability to work independently as well as with others, and the capability to work long hours in all sorts of weather conditions. 

Educational Opportunities: Working under an experienced farmer, the apprentice will be exposed to and work with all aspects of sustainable vegetable production: greenhouse propagation, planting, cultivation, soil fertility, pest and disease management, harvest and processing, marketing, etc, as well as the unique challenges of a first-year operation.  Additional opportunities include livestock care (pigs, layer hens, and bees), tractor/implement operation and maintenance, farm financial management, crop planning, and visits to other farms and workshops throughout the season.  If the apprentice has additional areas of interest, we’re happy to try to integrate those as well.

Stipend: $900/month + $500 season completion bonus.  Off-farm housing within a few minutes of the farm is available, and the apprentice will also receive free veggies and eggs from the farm.  

Internship Details:  The schedule will be approximately 7AM-5PM Monday-Friday, with an hour break for lunch, and 7AM-noon Saturday.  We rotate weekend chores (greenhouse watering, animal feeding, etc), so expect to have chore duty once every three weekends.  Because of the nature of farming, there will be times when we have to work late (or early!), but we will compensate for those situations with time off if at all possible.  We love our work, and have fun doing it, and we’ll try to switch up tasks during the day as much as possible to keep it interesting. Most learning will be hands-on or in conversations with the farm manager while working.  Every week we will have a meeting and ‘farm tour’ during which we’ll go over what’s happening on the farm, answer questions, and set tasks for the week.  At the end of the season, we’ll have a few ‘classes’ during which we look in-depth at crop planning, budgeting, soil science, and other specific topics.  About once a month, the apprentice will have the opportunity to attend workshops/events on farms in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.  
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February 01, 2014