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on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 |
Help Philadelphia communities support their under-resourced schools!
The Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND) seeks eight full-time AmeriCorps*VISTAs, six of which will serve as school-based Community Partnership Coordinators, and two of which will work directly in the School District of Philadelphia.
About this project:
This is the second year of a three to five year AmeriCorps*VISTA project in which VISTAs will be placed in selected Philadelphia public schools and the School District of Philadelphia to help them manage, develop, and track external community partners (such as colleges and universities, nonprofits and community-based groups, and businesses).
About the school-based positions:
The AmeriCorps*VISTAs sought for this coming year will coordinate and facilitate partnerships between their school and existing and/or potential outside community partners with the goal of integrating their services into the school’s schedule and meeting major school needs, thereby ensuring that these partnerships are mutually beneficial, sustainable and serving students effectively.  The VISTAs will work directly with administrators and teachers to ensure strong communication between and among external partners and key school leadership.
For the 2014-15 year, VISTAs will be placed at:
* Sayre High School
* Kensington Health Sciences Academy
* Kensington Creative and Performing Arts
* Penn Treaty Middle/High School
* W. D. Kelley School
* Southwark Elementary
* Meade Elementary
* Cassidy Elementary
* Jackson Elementary
* Henry Elementary
* Houston Elementary
* Blaine Elementary
Primary Goals:
The VISTA will build their school’s community partnership capacity in four major areas through specific initiatives:
1) Coordination and Collaboration
Build and/or enrich relationships between community partners, school and the larger community
2) Communication
Collect and manage database of resources and events offered by community partners at the school, both by keeping it current and making it widely available and useful to school community (parents and staff) as well as inputting this information into the School District of Philadelphia’s existing Community Partnership Database
3) Recruitment
Recruit new community partners for programs or workshops  for school community or staff professional development in response to the school’s need
4) Evaluation
Track increase in number of community partnerships as well as quality  of these partnerships (i.e., whether they are mutually beneficial and long lasting)
About the School District-based positions:
One AmeriCorps*VISTA sought for this coming year to work with the newly created Office of Strategic Partnerships at the School District of Philadelphia to promote and manage new policies and procedures around partnership. The VISTA will also serve as a School District point of contact for existing and prospective external university partners and act as a liaison between external partners and key School District Officials. The VISTA will work with the school-based VISTAs in the interest of collecting information about community partners and implementing new policies on partnership.
One AmeriCorps*VISTA sought for this coming year to work with the Office of Student Services to coordinate the School District of Philadelphia’s efforts with other Philadelphia agencies around attendance and truancy. The VISTA will conduct best practice research and report on this research, making recommendations to the Office of Student Support Services.The VISTA will develop a campaign around improving attendance.The VISTA will also work with school-based VISTAs to implement the recommendations.
AmeriCorps*VISTA needed for this program should be:
-    passionate about improving educational opportunities for low-income youth
-    familiar with the general landscape of urban schooling, community partnerships, and parent/community involvement
-    able to work both independently and collaboratively as needed
-    able to network and build relationships with diverse constituencies
-    an excellent writer and verbal communicator
-    a quick learner
-    comfortable with a school-based work environment and interacting with teachers, students and staff on a daily basis
-    able to navigate public transit (or with access to a car though public transit preferred)
-    facility with word processing and managing databases
Preferred, but not required:
-    Spanish proficiency
-    Web design skills
-    Interest in STEM and the health sciences
-    Interest in the visual and performing arts
-    Today-April 25 - Applications accepted
-    April 25 – First round telephone interviews completed
-    April 28-May 9 – Second round interviews and school matching meeting
-    May 12 - Candidates notified
-    May 19 - Candidate commitment expected
-    July 2014 – VISTA term begins
-    July 2015 – VISTA term ends
AmeriCorps*VISTAs commit to a full-time year of service for a minimal living stipend of approximately $12,132 per year. VISTA members are provided health coverage and loan forbearance for any current federal student loans.  Upon completion of the full year, they also receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of $5500 that can be used to pay for future educational expenses and/or pay off student loans.
You must register and apply directly on the AmeriCorps website to apply for any of these positions. You may apply for more than one position. To see the listings and complete the AmeriCorps application you can go through the following links:
To apply for the School-Community Partnership Coordinator position, complete the AmeriCorps application here:
To apply for the position in the Office of Strategic Partnerships, complete the AmeriCorps application here:
To apply for the position in the Office of Support Services, complete the AmeriCorps application here:
In addition to the online application, you are welcome to send your resume and a cover letter to Eden Kainer